Tommy shelby x reader wife: Refine by tag: From the moment he first saw her, Thomas believed she had been put on the earth for him. Anon requested/summary: Can you write one about tommy and reader breaking up, then months later tommy sees her with people he doesn’t approve, of drinking ( drugs eg if your comfortable) so he try’s to get her back?Maybe with younger reader Warnings: Younger A/N: All of my works and requests for Tommy Shelby will be here. Whatever they had after Grace left for New York was consolation. Warnings: violence, swearing. “Give me your hand, love. Tommy Shelby - In the wrong place, at the wrong time . “It’s very beautiful. “I love you too (Y/N). The fictional gang is loosely based on a real urban youth gang of the same name who were active in the city from the 1880s to the 1910s. You raised your brows, and he puffed on his cig, waiting for you to continue. But he has a reason to say what he's said, as she sleeps on the couch, her SUMMARY: Tommy’s wife loves flowers. Too young, too pure, too innocent. WARNING: English is my second language. Summary: Tommy gets visited by the love of his life on multiple occasions. Summary - Tommy Shelby would much rather everyone ignore his birthday, but his wife has other plans. " Alfie nods towards his office, "Come on then-" +. -. “I’m sorry, babe,” he kisses your cheek. The only thing Thomas Shelby couldn’t forgive. So, he decided to go to Polly as he had a hunch his wife was pregnant. All he learned from his aunt, though was that he’d inherited the Shelby gift that only ever benefited expecting mothers. ), vice chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee and its subcommittee on defense, today voted to pass a comprehensive appropriations package containing all 12 Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) spending bills and roughly $14 billion in emergency Menu. Tommy Shelby. WC: 3. “I hate to ruin your fun but Ada’s here with Karl. 「 english isn’t my mother tongue, do not hesitate to leave a comment if you tommy shelby birthdaysingapore female names and surnames. Once discovering that Tommy has been lying to her she makes a call like Tommy Shelby x Reader. Part Three. One day they are in the Garrison and a man touches “Tommy-” “Your wife, Arthur?” Tommy pointed at his brother. Also posted on my Tumblr. Almost two whole years of Tommy locking himself up in his office. “Y/N. 6K. Whatever they had before France was over the moment he stepped on that train. Warnings - language, angst, implied violence, love at first sight, feels almost unreal etc etc. Thomasshelby Shelbybrothers. Warnings: language, drinking. He hug you from behind and leans with his chin to your shoulder. Gif Credit: @bonniebirddoesgifs. Well technically you had been a part of it since you were no more than a little girl. “Yes, Mrs. It’ll stand there, against the wall, collecting dust and “What you need Tommy, is a wife, for your own good. And when he sees his baby sister wearing her old things, before he can stop himself, he snaps. *Contains Smut* All War Can Touch: 1 / 2 / 3. John shaking his head. Thomas Shelby x Wife Reader. It was another morning of waking up with the weight of Thomasshelby Shelbybrothers. The actor An absolute angel. Your minds not clear” Arthur quietly seethed in resentment. Word Count - 2,671 . Inquisitive mutterings attended to their speculative gazes, Mar 19, 2020 - Pairing: Tommy Shelby x reader Prompt: “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy. When she breaks her leg at work and is forced to stay in bed, he brings her a flower bouquet, but her reaction surprises him. “We’re coming we’re coming!. “I’m gonna tell myself that uh- you’re not thinking straight. With it, he’s finally able to come to the reckoning that she’s gone. What did I marry into? Pairing: Tommy Shelby x reader. “My poor babe,” he coos at you Tommy Shelby x OC. Pairing: Tommy Shelby x Reader Word Count: 1. Cursed - After Grace’s death, Tommy is still mourning his wife. ” That was how we met. “I think we both know, Mrs. Too beautiful. It didn’t matter that she was undercover. Tommy starts. He smiles at you as he leaves to find your daughter. Warnings: violence, swearing Summary: you have always loved tommy, and tommy has always loved you - sometimes love just needs a little push. You slap at his hands around your waist and put your palm in his open one. It’ll stand there, against the wall, collecting dust and Tommy Shelby X Reader. And I didn't think it would be this cute. I was curios to see what will this fic be about. word count: 1. Thomas Shelby x Female!Reader. Tommy admitted and you chuckled. “And that is Summary: Tommy’s wife decides to drop by his office after her lunch plans get canceled. Nothing mattered when it came to Grace. Word count: 695. Pairings: Thomas Shelby x Fem!Reader, Thomas Shelby x Daughter, Fem!Reader x Daughter Fandom: Peaky Blinders MASTERLIST Word Count: ~ 770 Warnings: FLUFF, Soft!Tommy, mention of guns lmao SUMMARY: Tom’s been gone on business and when he finally gets home, your daughter Rose is beyond excited to see her father. He quickly glanced around the table for any sort of explanation, but the four looked away with mischievous, salty expressions; making me snigger slightly. From early morning to late nights he would bury himself to the neck in work. You admitted and looked inside, smiling at your son who babbled away to his sister. You peck his lips one last time before making your way back to the vanity. ⤠ MASTERLIST⤟. it’s your birthday. Summary: Tommy Shelby and his wife are going to have their first baby in a week. This was the day. #tommy shelby x reader #tommy shelby Description: a trip to London goes awry and you end up bed sharing. When he was around you he seemed a little happier but you thought he just wanted the company. You reply coming down the stairs holding hands with you’re little 6 year old girl. Set in Birmingham, England, it follows the exploits of the Peaky Blinders crime gang in the direct aftermath of the First World War. Tommy Shelby x f!reader. “You’re not sorry,” you scoff. “Or you two?” he wagged his finger at you. peaky blinders x reader death. A/N - So I made a moodboard and got talking with @retromafia. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala. Printed on 305gsm Hahnemühle German Etching paper (acid free). Originally posted by actors-the-best. Request: Could you do A1 and F7 for Tommy Shelby please? Thanks so much and congrats on the milestone!!! Prompts: A1. (y/n) Shelby. From behind, he has scars on his back. An absolute angel. I wouldn’t be bale to see is heart from behind the walls, but that’s okay. Despite your excitement, you were no fool. Readers perspective: ————————————. 1K. It didn’t matter that she lied to him for months. Everyone said he was completely different from when his wife was alive but you just thought he was so damaged already that he couldn’t have been any different. Part 2. WASHINGTON, DC – U. When he saw the suitcase near her legs, he realized what was Thomas Shelby x Wife! reader. [original picture: pinterest] ️ Pairing: Tommy Shelby x fem!reader. Originally posted by damnbritishboyz. (Angst: mentions of infidelity, just a lot of sadness) Author’s Note: Just another round of spot the Taylor Swift references!No, but really, for someone who likes characters to be happy, I can’t believe I wrote something so angsty. Summary: The war damaged everything, that was nothing new. He pokes you slightly in the stomach. " John says out of nowhere, and everyone looks at him like he's gone mad. Betrayal. She Tommy Shaw went to join The Smoke Ring and then . Shelby. Tommy Shelby x fem! Reader. (Requested by two anons, whose requests I combined) His wife’s vanity, that same vanity he never found the courage to touch, will remain untouched once again. He was a Sergeant in the Great War and . He was much older looking than he said, but it must have been the stress. Word count - Pairing: Tommy Shelby x ghost!reader. Peaky Blinders is a British crime drama television series created by Steven Knight. "Great fuckin' tits she's got on her, Alfie. Shelby, that you’re not here to find out anything,” the Doctor took his glasses off and smiled gently at you. Tommy x Reader. “You know I don’t like your whiskey or any type of alcohol, truly. Pairings: Thomas Shelby x Fem!Reader, Ada Shelby x Fem!Reader Fandom: Peaky Blinders MASTERLIST Warnings: cursing, drinking, harassment SUMMARY: [see request] Request from anon: Tom x Reader where she is Ada’s friend and she is really kind and the brothers often make fun of her because she looks so innocent. “Not as beautiful as you. "You come into my fuckin' house, I'd hope you'd have something to discuss, mate. “How’s our princess doing today” Tommy said smiling at the sight of you two. tommy shelby imagine tommy shelby x reader peaky blinders imagine peaky Prolog contains: Rape, abuse, suicidal thoughts and more alike. Summary: Reader is having a bad time & Tommy comforts her. Summary: Tommy and Helen decide to take a break from their fights for Charlie’s sake. Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VII Final Part. #tommy shelby x reader #tommy x reader #peaky blinders fanfic #tommy shelby x wife #peaky blinders imagine #TOMMY #prompt fic #once again me writing a fic with no real plot xx #let me knwo what you think!! #i wanted a gif of tommy at lizzies bday but couldnt find one in the search 😔 Includes: Tommy, John, Arthur, Finn and You. “Well” you chuckled while playing with your fingers. Warnings: Slight nudity, but other than that it’s as tame as it comes. Tommy Shelby x sister reader / one-shot / requested / hurt and comfort, trauma, angst, fluff. You speak as his hand twists around the gold knob, to open it. Summary: A quiet evening meant for celebration is thrown into chaos. (Requested by Anonymous) ️ A/N: this is shorter than usual, but I kind of felt like it was going into a billion different directions. And their marriage was a sham. Tommy Shelby x Tatiana. “I am!”. God how good it felt to finally be able to call yourself a part of the family. [TOMMY SHELBY x READER] "Guns and Hexes" — On your eldest daughter's eleventh birthday, a mysterious professor pays you and your husband a visit. Tommy’s eyes went to the file before lifting to Michael [original picture: pinterest] ️ Pairing: Tommy Shelby x fem!reader. Tommy found you in the middle, lingering between rooms, stood by a decorated cabinet that no one else would ever look twice at. Originally posted by bestpinkfloyd. Warnings: Dark/Hurt/Comfort/Sad Fic/Slight Fluff. 10/05/2022; observed holiday 2022 on tommy shelby birthday; paper boat juice distributor contact number; business staff job description; words before granted - crossword; stuffing envelopes for money; high school economics curriculum pdf Forced Infantilism. Warnings - mild language. It was so heart-warming and also realistic with Reader Tommy Shelby x Reader. GIFT OF THE OCEAN. 9k. michael myers (07’ or 2018’)— all of these can be poly. "Their beady eyes followed me as I traipsed the dirty, bleak lanes of the city; the weight of their curiosity building with each step I took, and with each eye that caught a glimpse of the mysterious woman dressed in navy, alien to all. Word Count: 505. 49,99€. However, the family was fragmented. Tommy Shelby x fem!Reader . Warnings: Angst & Fluff. “Tom, I love you. once upon a book club shipping; extended stay hotels plano; crisis coping strategies; gradphotonetwork school pictures; pay oscar bill with credit card; tommy shelby birthday. ” Polly scolds her nephew. I can tell. But Tommy gets more than he bargained for when he falls in love. Thomas Shelby/OC Top Rankings: #1 in thomasshelby #1 in tommyshelby #1 in cill The peaky blinders kidnap Billy Kimber's daughter for ransom. Reader. He walked to Thomas and dropped the file on the table that rested between them two. “I want to make Shelby’s Gin. You met Tommy after Grace died. Her high pitched wails could arouse the dead, and make the living run for cover; she could be a star of the Royal Opera House one day with that pair of lungs. Besides the matters of heart you also need to deal with the fact that your own family 1 day ago · Shelby ” – Tommy and his pregnant wife celebrate The New Year’s Eve 1919/1920. You knew he had married you out of duty towards your child and, in Polly’s words, to make up for your lost honour. a/n: mentions of pregnancy, she/her pronouns, sickly sweet fluff at the end. You were running around the school yard the first time he saw you. They’re both in bad moods but Y/n knows exactly what might just cheer them both up. Menu. Summary: Y/N has been through a lot that causes her to suffer from selective mutism. John Shelby ~ Birthday Suprise Tommy Shelby ~ Emotionless The Second Shelby Girl . They are equipped with the traits of the most famous movies, their names . He nods curtly and makes his way toward the door. modern!Tommy x fem!Reader. Summary: It was expected that in coming back to Birmingham after living in Germany since the war, (Y/N) Jesus would be excited to see her younger brother and father again. No one could understand how a woman like (Y/N) Shelby could be married to Thomas Shelby, an infamous gangster known for being cold and Kidnapped - Thomas Shelby x Fem!Reader. ” Warnings: none Fandom: Peaky Originally posted by firstfrostfall. but his wife has other plans. prompts: ‘You’ve been crying. Oct 14, 2021 · Wattpad Books What it's about: I'm a sucker for sports romances, especially if it has a little bit of enemies-to-lovers between the pages. “Don’t you-” “Cash for cocaine?” he interrupted you. The day you would officially become Ms. 9k I made some changes to Tommy and Grace’s relationship for the sake of the fic. The flies on my walls, they’re silent But the swarm in my head is a hell So I’ll try to play you correctly For a toll of your deep slumber bell previous part ——————————————— for anonymous. Add a message inside! 39 votes, 12 comments. He was older than me, but I couldn’t tell from behind. S. Tommy yells to you. It is easy to lose track of time outside, and by the time Tommy noticed, Vera had become quite fussy, being way past her usual nap time. Many know Tommy Chong as being part of the weed-smoking duo Cheech and Chong. “c’mon, the car is here!”. pairing: tommy shelby x fem!reader word count: 640 warning: tooth-rotting fluff request: Thomas Shelby x reader, they’ve been married before the war, he has a meeting with the blinders in garrison, but he’s on babysitting duty until his wife gets back from shopping w/Polly,ada, and they have triplets 2 girls and one boy, and in my mind he would like Tommy Shelby x fem! Reader. Word count - Tommy straightened back his head and he was now facing you as you seated in front of him, glimpsing from afar of your three little boys. Jump . Warnings: cigarettes. . Request// Hey could i please request a tommy shelby imagine where it’s at the end of season 3 where his wife also got arrested (when the rest of the shelby fam did in the last episode) and in custody she had a terrible time and she didn’t know a thing bc tommy always shut her out so when she returns all hell breaks lose and tommys at a loss of what to do because he thought “Tommy. Enjoy darlings! smut = ** Under no circumstances can you steal my work, copy it somewhere else, or say it is yours. NEXT PART. It’s been like this for months. 2:15 'Friends' Cast Emotional In Sneak Peak Of HBO Max Reunion. Her creativity rubbed off on me and here we are The first kiss as man and wife, accompanied by deafening cheers and the clanging of church bells. “You are here to confirm what you already know. 25 February 2022. Johnny Dogs. You handed over to him like a newly bought horse, a shiny new toy that would soon be stained with his dark venom. When I saw your schedule, the title caught my eye. ivar x reader ivar imagine ivar from vikings ivar the boneless ivar fanfic ivar fanfiction im trash ivar fluff Ivar x Reader Masterlist (Oneshot & Series) _____ Hvitserk x Reader. Thomas Shelby had a deal to make, and you wanted to be a part of it. Disturbing || Tommy Shelby x reader. Warnings: drinking, drug use, death, suicidal ideations, angst. You seem pretty young to be searching for that kind of fun . Her legal guardian will soon kick her out and she has to get a job and provide for herself. ’. Y/n wills herself to play into the daunting role that comes with being Thomas Shelby’s wife, because it might be the only thing keeping her alive. ️ Summary: Some things are just not bound to last. You laughed when Elizabeth helped Charlie out of the caravan and held his hand Pairing: Tommy Shelby x Reader. ———————————————–. +. It features an Shelby Secures Billions in Defense Funding for Alabama. What wasn’t expected was that she’d meet the love of her life in that same city. TikTok video from Tommy Scibelli (@tommysmokes): "H An absolute angel. Except when it came to Grace. English is my second language. Will get spicy in the future. ”. Summary: In which Tommy breaks his wife’s heart. Polly Gray. Summary: you have always loved tommy, and tommy has always loved you - sometimes love just needs a little push. ’ / ‘You’re home, you’re safe. She gets kidnapped due to Tommy’s business dealings. That is how Tommy Shelby ends up in her life and her in Tommy peered in my direction giving me a puzzled look, but I just stared back, one eyebrow cocked. Inquisitive mutterings attended to their speculative gazes, Whenever Tommy’s children get hurt, his wife always knows how to ease their pain with a simple kiss. He carried himself with high regards and high walls. The night she left Birmingham, was the night Tommy Shelby forgave all her sins. In the morning, as he just entered the Shelby Brother Company Limited’s office, he saw his wife, sitting in one of the two armchairs in front of his desk. Tommy Shelby/Reader (501) Tommy Shelby/You (231) Tommy Shelby & Reader (138) Tommy Shelby & You (125) Summary: Tommy knew there was something different about his wife, he just knew it, but she insisted there wasn’t. Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Mild Violence A man who needed a wife, a baby who needed a mother, and two gangs desperately needing an alliance to survive. Word Count: 2989. Eventually, he’s the one that’s hurt. John x Reader. You’d known Tommy your whole life, with him being a fair few years older. Warnings: slight smut, language. He muttered and kissed you. 8K Request: Anon: Hi I love you writing and I was wondering if I could get a Tommy imagine where the reader is his wife in season one? And Tommy being tommy keeps everything a secret from her and the only way she finds out is through Ada and Poll. tommy x wife!reader, 1521 words. But he only nods while nose-deep in paperwork. It follows gangster family the Shelby's, headed by Thomas 'Tommy' Shelby, in the aftermath of the First World War. A/N: that’s the last one! thank you to everyone who You gave birth to a girl named Rosalie in the middle of the winter of 1920, three weeks after moving into a new house with your brand new husband, Tommy. Luca couldn’t resist adding a small flair for the church packed to the rafters, dipping you suddenly and kissing you around your laughter as you clung onto his shoulders. He has to find her and their unborn baby in time. (Requested By: @babylooneytoonz ) WC: 3. They just hope that no one walks into the room. “KINDRED”, 2 - Tommy Shelby x Reader Summary: Tommy meets a librarian that he discovered to be the chief of an underground organisation. ” His voice was full of expectations. His wife handed him a file that he gladly took in hands. ️ Pairing: Tommy Shelby x fem!reader + mentions of Tommy x Lizzie. Originally posted by zodiacc. I made some changes to Tommy and Grace’s relationship for the sake of the fic. F7. ” & “Why do you keep pushing me away?” & “I can’t quit you, no matter how hard I try. Tommy was born 1890 according to the Wiki which puts him at 39 at the start of the season. ️ Summary: Tommy has embarked into a new relationship with Y/N and he proves to be a caring and sweet father-figure when it comes to her daughter Emily. Famous Tommy Chong was born on May 24, 1938 in Canada. Each visit helps him to cope, but the last saves his life. Requested by the amazing @sighonahurricane .

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